Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cadillac Commercial

Here is an advertisement for a Cadillac Escalade, a very popular car in America. Like most American commercials, this is very technical and over the top, in order to 'wow' their target audience and make everyone want one. The fact that the car manages to escape missiles and then scares away the robot made out of the missiles gives the impression to its buyers that this car is invinsible and can defeat anything, showing how exaggerating commercials can make a product more appealing to the potential buyers.

The type of car you drive can define can give you a certain appearance. And Americans care how other people see them, and owning a big and expensive car portrays them as successful and powerful. Although this car has the same use value as every other car, to drive to a destination, Americans have always been prepared to spend money in order to buy Cadillac Escalades, a they are percieved as very American. In America, everythng is shown to be bigger and better than anywhere else in the world,and cars are no difference. Escalades are very big 4x4 cars, mainly created to go off road, but the Escalade is used in order to 'show off' and boast about high income rates rather than its original pupose. This shows American want and need to be the best, and how it can be percieved as consuming expensiv items is a competition in their eyes.

These cars are very popular in America, as it is a very large country, and a large car is helpful for long journeys. But big cars like these mean big emission pollution, leading to global warming. But this does not stop American's buying these cars, showing the importance of the way Americans wish to be viewed.

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