Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nike (Just Do It)

Nike is a very popular sportswear or equipment supplier based in the United states, that has traveled all around the world and it is recognised by the simple, unique signature Nike tick. Also Nike is recognised for its famous slogan 'Just do it'. its trade mark are their shoes. However depending where you, these shoes have different values. For example wearing a pair of Nike shoes out in town just for casual wear and not actually playing sports, in the UK, is seen as very common thing to do. And if your in full on Niked out gear, head to toe. Then you'll look very 'Chavy' and properly laughed at. While in America its not looked strangly at all, and most likely more cooler to wear that perticular brand.

Nike is known for their engouragement in sports for the younger generation and getting them more involved and keeping them fit. Below is a infamous commercial involing Nike shoes and their then, newist type of shoe.

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