Saturday, October 2, 2010

American Baby Beauty Pageants

The image I have chosen which I percieve to be a negative image of America is a controversial one, firstly I have chosen it for the sole reason that this girl can only be about 5 years old but has already been directly affected by having the want to improve on her looks. One of the main reasons I see this as being negative is the fact that at her young age looks, clothes, body image in general should not be something she is thinking about. Whereas playing with her toys, running around playing games is. Clearly we have to take into account the fact that her parents are obviously implementing these changes in her, but we have to ask ourselves that if she is already thinking about her body image and how she looks at such a young age what is she going to be like by the time she is in her teens? The american culture of plastic surgery is such a phenonoma that this girl is likely to follow the many women who have chosen to have plastic surgery, though the main difference between those women who choose that and this little girl is just that - choice. This little girl has been forced into thinking about her body image from such a young age and so that is all she is going to remember looking like, thus following the many american women who constantly are looking to improve their body image so we have to ourselves what she is going to look like in 20 years time?

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