Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Positive Portrayal Of America

Captain America is a Marvel superhero. Superheroes have commonly represented immortality and come across as "Saviour" figures.
To me, Captain America is a very positive portrayal of America. Due The fact that Americans themselves created this superhero this tells me that there is a certain way they want to be viewed by the rest of the world.
Here the image of a superhero conveys the themes of strength and protection, these ideas are intergral to the way Americans wish to define their nation, as the protector of the modern world. Although this can be seen as a egotistcal view, I personally think that America is a country that uses its powers to protect its citzens and the less fortunate. The theme of protection is epitomised in the symbolic shield captian America wields.In this picture The body language of Captain America displays the strength that is within a nation due to its unification of all people. Hence the United states.

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