Saturday, October 2, 2010

Disney world is a positive image of America because it shows family values and is known all over the world. It creates the idea of America about the importance of family. It is also a great tourist attraction which lets people learn more about America. In disney there is a president history show which is shown to the guests who visit. Disney is pro-America and tells people how good there country is. American values are seen throughout the park including the food with burgers and chips and hotdogs. Disney is also seen as a sign of equality and acceptence to anyone who visits and does not descriminate against any religion,race or colour. It is also a sign of the American dream with a show about Walt the creator of the park which was first open in october 1971. In the park it shows Walt's troubles he had before the park became a success and shows with work anyone can achieve the impossible which is a great belief within America. The park's motto "where dreams come true" is a sign of the american dream.

The Disney theme parks have become a part of American culture, and have displayed to the rest of the world how people should be entertained. America is a proud and patriotic nation, and Disney displays this patriotism is its theme parks. The Presidents Hall in the Magic kingdom is a 20 minute show which uses animatronics to bring every president America has had to life. The show gives such a positive and patriotic display of America’s presidents that I have seen the American people stand and applaud emotionally at the end of the shows. The USA Pavilion in Epcot exhibits America at its best, and showcases American history in The Great American Adventure show, which displays how ‘through grit, strength and bravery’ America has become the country it is today.

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