Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The website I chose to discuss is one about the war in Iraq, this website critcises the way the former US president George Bush handled the Iraq war. According to this article within hours of the September 11th attacks Bush was blaming Osama bin Laden for these attacks and therefore declaring a war on terrosim. According to the article the propanda campaign was so successful that by 2003 70% of americans believed Saddam Hussein was behind the attacks when apparently there was no real evidence linking him to the crimes. This article directly attacks how America and the former president George Bush dealt with the September 11th attacks and critices the American government as a whole. Clearly this article is biased towards Iraq, as throughout the article their is no positive mention made of America either as a whole, or it's government. Therefore we cannot trust the article completely and it would be naeive to do so. The reason why I chose this article is because, even though the article isn't completely trustworthy it is interesting to view the war in Iraq not from a UK or US perspective.

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