Tuesday, October 5, 2010

negative website about America

For negative websites about America i chose a site about it's environmental issues. The reason for this is because America are one of the countries who say they want to improve the environment and also help other countries in learning how to do that. like America are the teachers and everyone else needs to watch them. I chose the site http://newsone.com/nation/news-one-staff/gallery-top-10-worst-u-s-environmental-man-made-disaters/ which you can click on yourself which says the U.S manmade environmental disasters. It shows how they have destroyed certain areas of wildlife areas and have made it impossible for anything to live there. It portrays the U.S as careless and selfish as it shows how they dump waste and as the image i have chose shows how bad it has got in certain areas.
I have also chose another site which shows America's carelessness when it comes to the environment
http://earthfirst.com/americas-top-10-worst-man-made-environmental-disasters/ this site talks about the farmers and how they use the wrong stuff such as pesticides instead of more eco-freindly materials. However the U.S continue to blame other countries for there own mistakes and refuse to take any blame. Also George Bush has been accused of covering up a major environmental issue in october 2000 300 million of gallons of mercury and arsenic laced coal flooded land which destroyed land and ruined property this spill killed everything in the ohio river. which is all explained in the link i have provided.

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  1. Why did you post two negatives - this and obesity?