Tuesday, October 26, 2010

De Crevecouer and The American Dream.

Opinions vary whether the "American Dream" still exists in America today. The idea that whatever your race, whatever your nationality and whatever your background and upbringing was should never hold you back from reaching your potential and fulfilling your dreams still very much exists in America. A qoute in De Crevecouer's that particually stands out to me and my theme of the American Dream is " When in England he was a mere Englishman... Here the avenues of trade are infinite". This says to me that there are no hold backs in America. The fact that he compares this land with England and "Just Englishman" tells me that he believes America is a greater place and here anybody can be a somebody.

A fictional example that the American Dream is still alive today and backs up De Crevecouer's quote is Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars. Anakin starts off in the first film as a boy slave from Tatooine, but as the films progress, with hard work, respect (to an extent) and showing potential, Anakin grows stronger and stronger, eventually becoming the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy and controlling an empire. Eventhough he uses his power for the dark side, it is a valid example of "rags to riches", as he came from a slave to a ruler, providing support for De Crevecouer's qoute " Here the avenues of trade are infinite".

Another quote that grabbed my attention was from letter five of "Letters from an American Farmer". It said "After many trials, several miscarriages, they succeeded". This quote was talking about fisherman starting off catching smaller fish, but with determination eventually started catching whales. This point is very valid in America today. The topic I have chosen to relate this quote with is the music industry. This is exactly what every up and coming band has to go through in America. Pure hard work and determination, never giving up and grabbing all oppurtunites is the only way to succeed. A perfect example of this is Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy was born in the UK, and his parents had to constantly work in order to provide for Ozzy and his five siblings. He dropped out of school, got arrested and couldnt pay the fine so spent time in prison. The one passion he had was music, so he created many bands, eventually staying with Black Sabbath. He played every concert he could get his hands on, and his talent soon became reconised through sheer work and became majorly successful in America, spending the majority of his time there. Despite his past, he has still managed to create 9 studio albums and topped the charts on many occassions because he refused to give up. Ozzy Osbourne is a good example of the rags to riches theory and De Crevecoeur quote of " After many trials, several miscarriages, they succeeded". This story proves the point that the American Dream still exists today.

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