Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"This the work of my countrymen ... they brought along with them their national genius, to which they principally owe what liberty they enjoy and what substance they possess" This extract from De Crevecours 'Letters from an American farmer' touches upon the transission and progression that has been made in America by the setterlers. It portrays the popular belief that anything is possible in America.
If America wasn't founded the way it was then maybe it wouldn't be possible for anyone there no matter what background,race,socail class or gender they are to acheive anything.
One famous person in America who is truely living the american dream is chat showhost Oprah Winfrey.Born out of wedlock she was raised by her grandmother in impovrished conditions,spent time in juveile detention home.She now is now is one of the richest people in America.


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