Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anti-Tea Party Video

Here is a video of some of the negative comments one of the Tea Party's organisation 'Freedom Works' recieved. As you can hear in the video, very harsh words are used which tells us that there our people in America that completely despise the Tea Party and everything it stands for. Most rivalries and hate emerges because of a difference between the people, and the hate against the tea party is no different. One of the main causes of this tension is government bailouts. The tea party is completely against pumping tax payers money into American companies (such as reforming healthcare), but the anti tea party activists see it as a way of stabilising American jobs and economy in the long term. Another cause of this hatred is through discrimination. The Tea Party thinks that gay marriage should not be allowed, and are also against current President Obama's policies of working with Muslim countries, portraying an image that they discriminate minorities. The Tea Party are also anti-Obama, claiming he is a tyrant and was not born in America so should not be President, raising race issues within the Party. Anti Tea Party activists believe in the complete opposite, and that by going back to the same policies of the founding fathers will only rewind everything America has accomplished to become a super power in the world today.

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  1. This is actually a PRO Tea Party video Tom - its produced by Freedomworks (a TP organisation) and documents the comments made against the TP to show that the things it is accused of its opponents actually do themselves - threaten, abuse, etc