Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gun Control in USA

Is a website which is dedicated to "Bringing Gun Owners Together", and is obviously a pro-gun viewed Website/show as the webiste said's name being called, Guns 4 Good. The webiste has a few goals, mainly ones of bringing stories and expierances of firearm interactions together to help the public aware and learn from these apprant 'Experts'. However these stories are very repetive and almost exactly the same, Bad guy comes in house, threatens with gun, Good guy pulls his gun... Its the basic understanding of self-defence that says. If i have a gun, I can protect my family. Which is fair enough.,9171,996903,00.html

The Times website has an artical called 'Mothers Against Guns'. The article starts with a hardhitting realisation that the youngest victoms of accdental shootings are involoved with a child playing with loaded guns. These concerd morthers also unite and bring their stories and experiences together. Which is also fair enough, as they have a right as mothers to be worried about protecting their familys just as much as having a gun can do that job, or it can distory that family. Either way its a hard arguement.

I personally think that they both have a fair point. I believe it is important to to have faith in the that fact that if your family is every threatend or under attack, you have the ablity to project. Yes, there are other ways or weapons. However for example, people who carrys knifes in defense tend to get shoot at. although i do wonder if no one had an sort of guns it would make life a lot safer, but i reality that turnout does not seem very likely.

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