Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mike Oliverio is a conservative democrat from West Virginia.

In the campaign video Oliverio is Introducing himself as a man from west virginia he already has made an attempt to reach to a particular audience in stating were he is from. He then addresses the issue of unemployment in the steel works industry and uses scapegoats such as illegal workers and China as the result of them being run out of business. To workers who have lost their jobs this would be a postive campaign for them to vote for as they would see Oliverio as someone they can relate to as he has picked up on the loss of jobs as an issue and provided them with someone to blame. He makes the point of being isolated from other countries and doing business within America. This will be appreciated and repected by Americans who are very patriotic. He ends his campaign with the promise to "stand up and fight for American jobs" This will speak to alot of americans as unemployment is high.

Mike Oliverio lost the general election to GOP chairman David McKinley.

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