Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is the campaign video for Senator Carl Levin. He has been Michigans senator since 1995, he was re-elected in 2008 for his sixth term which will end in 2015, he has served longer than any other senator in Michigan. In his campaign video the main focus point is about jobs, mainly saving them, not only is that his main message but the way he gets it accross is very important. He uses a wide variety of people, both of mixed genders and mixed races therefore more people can relate to the campaign video, and therefore in turn winning him more votes.

Futhermore the use of him being called simply Carl makes it less formal, and therefore making ordinary citizens feel they can relate to him more and that he is just an ordinary guy who is trying to help them out. I do find it interesting that Carl Levin himself is only in the campagin video right at the end, and for a very short amount of time. This could be for a variety of reasons, maybe he isn't a good public speaker or maybe he feels that he will gain more votes if ordinary people are 'proving' what he has done to help boost the economy and their jobs.

Clearly though this campaign is working as he is Michigans longest serving senate.

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