Friday, November 12, 2010

The tea party

I have chosen this video of "Tea Party" enthusiasts for my blog because I find it interesting as it both gives voice to but also critisies the Tea Party movement, it may not openly critise but it definetly is inferred. The clip is from a news report the reporter interviews members and asks them various questions on politcs and laws and what their oppinions on the matter are. Most if not all are portrayed negatively as they seem unsure of facts and their views are far fetched and extreme. In the video the members are dressed up as patriots, their holding banners and posters, their waving te American flag - this displays to the rest of the America how patriotic they are. It's a very flamboyant way of protesting and shows how passionate they are.

The clip opens with a young boy holding a poster which reads "4 years old and I'm already in debt to China" - This goes to show how passionate members are that they allowand use their own children to display their beliefs. The Tea party are conservative/libertarian which is considered to be very right wing in matters. Tehy for example are very much about doing business within America. They believe strongly on clamping down on Immigration laws. The majority do not agree with Obama's engaging with muslim countries and they do not approve of gay and lesbians having the right to legally be married. These are but some of their beliefs they are extrmeme and do not paint a postive image of the Tea Party, andit is hard to consider them as a serious politcal party when theirviews are so warped and backwards.

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