Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Outisde minority in America

The Hispanics population are now the largest minority in America even surpassing Afircan American. According to CBSnews.com


Hispanics compined neraly 13 persent of the american population, which "Grew to 284.8 million in july 2001. Thats up from 35.3 million, or 12.5 percent of the counrty's 281.4 residents in April 2000. However this artical is dated Jan, 21, 2003. therefore the persent of Hispanics have grown by a far greater meaning.

For example in the entertainment indrusty, there are far more Hispanic indviduals that are addmirded throuht main stream tv/films, Such as Ugly Bette, played by America Ferrera, whos is an Hispanic American. more examples are Eva longoria Parker, Eva Mendes and even Avatar's Michelle Rodriguez. Who have all struggled throught stero-typed casting.

An example of Hispanics struggle is seen in the new realsed film 'Machete' driceted by Robert Rodriguez (also Hispanic) which deals with the Hispanic community trying to fit in with the american socitey however being rejected my head polotions trying to get rid of them, which is one of the fundemental themes of this movie. However many American were disgraced with the Race row portayed throught the movie, even though it is clearly and exploytation movie. The Hispanic community are still an minority. Outside of America in european media, i can only think of one example where a Hispanic character is in power, in the show, 'Glee' where every single type of American is protrayed. The Hispanic Head Cheerleader, Santana performed by Naya Rivera, is protrayed as the 'hottist Mean girl' which i personaly have never seen any one from that background with that sort of power before.

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