Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bill White For Texas Governor 2010

This is a video on education by Democrat and former Houston mayor Bill White during his 2010 campaign for the governor of Texas In this video, White shortens his name and has a very relaxed demeanour throughout this video to be seen as a more relatable figure to his audience. He also throws in statistics and other key information so that he can clearly get his point across and show the audience he has realised the problems Texas are facing in education and speaks about how they can be solved, one of these solutions being better technology. His quote "we cant afford to stay still" tells the audience that their education policies and ratings are something to be worried about, and something needs to be done, and he believes he is the bets man for the job as he has a very respectable political background. Close up's are also used in this video so you can see the sincerity in White's face, to show his audience that he is commited and determined to make Texas a better place for everyone.

Although winning the Democratic nomination in March 2010, White was defeated by incumbent Republican Governor Rick Perry by a significant margin during the 2010 Texas gubernatorial election on November 2nd.

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