Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pro tea party video

This video is a pro-tea party video which I chose to talk about it as it is very biased towards the tea party movement and has a key political figure talking throughout - Sarah Palin. Firstly this video is very pro tea party as the first image which is shown is thousands of people listening in to a talk, therefore trying to show there is alot of support for the party and that anyone who joins them will make a change. Secondly one of the key criticisms of the tea party is that they are racist, mainly because the majority of the party is made up of white people. This video directly targets this as it has people from different ethnic backgrounds being shown in the video.

Futhermore Sarah Palin describes the tea party movemnt as being a 'call to change' and how 'the sole of the party is the people' therefore making people think that they can make a difference, that Sarah Palin herself and other supporters for the tea party are just thinking about the american people, that they have no other agenda. Thus gaining more supporters for them. Another criticism of the tea party is that it is mainly for middle class people and above, in the video this stereotype is targeted by making mention of a wide variety of jobs, many of them typically described as being for the working class.

Lastly the main focus of this cideo is pro people and anti government.

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