Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is the video of Joe DioGaurdi who ran for US Senate 2010. The announced at Grand Central Station in New York City that he was seeking the Republican nomination. His campaign was not just about winning the Republican senatorial nomination in New York or unseat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. DioGaudi says he is running to save America from bankruptcy and to keep the American Dream.
DioGuardi pledged to raise over $10 million in his campaign.

Unfortunately DioGaurdi didn't win the election which brought people to think the New Yorkers want quality and substance and then just vote for a pretty face. The quote below is from his statement after the vote was counted. However he was pleased that what he believed in had shined a light on the issues in New York.

"We cannot continue to bankrupt taxpayers, overburden job creators or jeopardize the American dream. We cannot continue to enact legislation that pushes our economy towards the brink, puts our children into debt, or limits our potential and that of America."

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