Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ron Paul, 2008

Ron Paul is an American Republican Congressman. He has run for being President of America twise, Once in 1988 and also in 2008. Paul is a member of the liberty caucus which basicly means that he want to limit the size of federal govermeant and also the size of its scope. Paul is mainly known for being quite a liberal Republican, who doesn't believe in the Bush administration. Paul to have quite a large backing for his 2008 Presidential campaine, however attention from traditional media was ignored. For example, Fox news did not invite him to a GOP debate featuring all other Presidential candidates of that moment. Below is a video of Ron Paul's Apperance on an American morning talk show called, "The View" talking about a controversial issue, Abortion.

However on June 12, 2008, Paul withdrew is bid for the rebuplican nominations saying that his time working on this was better spent on improving the condition of America.
Resantly, Ron Paul's son, Rand Paulwas elected senator for Kentucky on November 2, 2010.

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