Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gun control/lack of gun control in the USA

Firstly the website I chose to discuss is clearly pro-guns as it lists some of the states as examples saying that when restrictions are placed on guns then the problems start. Clearly we cannot tell if this is true as websites are not 100% reliable, but it states that New Jersey passed what was considered to be "the most stringent gun laws in the USA" and how as a result of this two years later the murder rate went up by 46% and how the robbery rate doubled. The website then goes on to say why should the government have control of somebodys gun and how what a citizen should do if the police aren't there. Quite clearly the main message of this website is pro-guns, it is message to President Obama aswell saying there shouldn't be control on guns as the crime rate increases.

Secondly the website I chose to portray the other side of the argument is from the violence policy center website. Firstly you can tell this website is very anti-guns as the subheading of the website is "Unsafe in any heads" clearly stating that anyone can cause harm/kill if they are in possesion of a gun. The main message of this website is that the main problem is hand guns - how they are easy to obtain, can be concealed with ease and they are also relatively inexpensive. This is a quote from the website: "More than two out of three of the one million Americans who died in firearm-related homicides, suicides, and unintentional shootings since 1962 were killed with handguns—i.e., 667,000" The use of putting a significantly large number within the website would make people side on the anti-gun side of the argument. Futhermore within the website many 'facts and figures' are used to show how many people have died from a firearm.

To sum it up there are good points on both sides of the argument, and whether you are anti/pro gun control is a matter of personal opinion.

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